Cherished Stories

As pet owners, we really get to know our pets in a very personal way. Our pets become intricate parts of our lives. They do some of the most amazing things and we love them all the more for it! We at Vista Veterinary Hospital understand that each pet is individual and amazing, in their own way. This is why we have created this are for you, the pet owners. Here you can send us your cherished, cute and/or funny stories about you, your pet and the great things they do!

We read through all of our stories and enjoy the laughs and the tears that these stories bring us. Some are touching, some are amazing and some just send us into fits of laughter! We invite you to send your Cherished Pet Stories to We will read through them and feature a select few on our website!

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 509-783-2131. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy our Cherished Stories page!

Featured Story

My Cody Puppy

by Sharon Rose

Cody is my sweet golden lab. And let me start by saying this, what a handsome devil he is! The black around his eyes is so stunning and he has this cute little swirl in his coat, just behind his front leg. He is a true hunting dog. The minute the leaves start to change, he is at the window, barking at the ducks and the geese!

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